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Following the content of the ZRK’s mission statement, this section deals with the topic of “leadership”, which is particularly relevant for companies in a risky environment or in crisis-ridden developments and in the sense of foresighted action, as an essential contribution to successfully overcoming crises can be seen.

Due to the increasing complexity of our lives, technology and social problems, we are confronted with crises more often than before. Especially in a crisis, everyone looks towards the manager in search of support, security and inspiration as well as quick and clear decisions. If the manager seems overwhelmed, haphazard or overloaded, this will be transferred to the team.

Derived from this, the Leadership department focuses on, above all, practice-oriented, effective and efficient action by managers in risky and crisis-prone environments.

The aim of this field of expertise is:

  • Especially in the management floors, it is necessary to deal with the peculiarities of crises and to acquire crisis competence. Based on the current results of the relevant scientific research, practical and directly usable assistance should be offered, derived from the extensive experience of the section head in the areas of training and leadership.
  • A wide circle of interested parties should be addressed; Managers as well as trainers of any company or organization who want to be successful in crises on the basis of targeted preparations.
  • The aim is to set up and expand an expert network as comprehensively as possible.

Possible topics that are covered within this section are:

  • Crises and the preparation for them
  • Complexity of crises and their understanding
  • Demands on managers in a risky and crisis-prone environment
  • Management of crises and leadership in crises (leaders and managers in a complex environment)
  • Management principles as guidelines for action
  • Special features of the management organization, the management processes including the importance of communication and information
  • Management process (from order to decision) as well as the issuing of orders and implementation of the decision based on those
  • Leadership qualities as a prerequisite for successfully overcoming of a crisis
  • Learnability of leadership, including coaching
MMag. Franz Hollerer


Head of section

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