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FIELD OF EXPERTISE: Platform Economy

A platform economy or a digital ecosystem is a socio-technical system that arose from developments in the field of digitization. In a merger of digital, technical systems, organizations and people, added value is created through interaction.

The cooperation of all interactors is defined by the ecosystem service that the ecosystem initiator offers and whose rules it defines. The ecosystem service provides the basis for generating added value and is provided exclusively digitally.

The aim of this field of expertise is:

  • The development and getting to know the position on digital ecosystems of companies.
  • Generation of knowledge about (potential) risks, innovation and change drivers and their strategic effects as well as their implementation conception in/of digital ecosystems
  • Accompanying and supporting organizations/companies when connecting to existing ecosystems or accompanying and supporting them in designing and building their own digital ecosystem.
  • We help to rethink the company’s history and to be able to correctly assess the importance of innovative digital business models. In the course of the analysis, we work with companies to develop proposals to improve the existing business model or to develop a new digital business model.
  • We support organizations/companies in the development of incremental to radical innovations with the aim of proofing of effectiveness, and optimizing efficiency and cost reduction or creating completely new services, products or entire business areas.
  • Development and expansion of a network of experts

Possible topics that are addressed within the scope of this field of expertise are:

  • Smart City as a municipal digital ecosystem
  • Coopetition in interaction with platform economy
  • Ecosystems as a concept for innovation culture
  • Resilience of central and decentralized ecosystems
  • Digital health ecosystem and the way to a patient centric health model
  • Effects of digital ecosystems on structural and operational framework conditions


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