SRA-Stategic Centre for Resource-Analysis


  • The raw material procurement of the production sector in energy- and communications-technology is a vulnerable system. The sensiblity of the Austrian high-tech industry is extraordinary due to the lack of options to substitise limited available and expensive raw material. The aim of this strategic centre is the implementation of an indicator-based early-warning-system for critical strategic raw material. Structures, proceedures and legislative  frameworks are defined and evaluated.

Detailed descripton:

  • Support program: National security research program KIRAS
  • Project expenditure – total: EUR 102.807,-
  • Timeframe: 10/2014 – 04/2016
  • Project idea: (09/2013)
    • By suggestion of the CRC-board, in Sept. 2013 a consortium has been established, which developed the KIRAS-program. In 2014 it has been approved by FFG.
    • More info by CLICKING THIS LINK.