„Cultural Property Protection and UN Peacekeeking: the upcomming UNIFIL seminar and field exercise“

  • Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Johannes GÖLLNER, MSc (Chairman of the Board, Center for Risk and Crises Management (CRC)
  • Prof. Dr. Friedrich SCHIPPER (Head of Dept. of Cultural Heritage, Center for Risk and Crises Management (CRC)

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IKT Security Conference 2018, Alpbach (Tyrol), Oct, 16-18, 2018

CRC hosted a workshop covering the current status of the EU-research program ASGARD, hosted a keynote-session on Smart Logistics and provided first-hand-information on a information point accessable to all visitors of the conference.

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CRC-conference-report (German language):

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ISSS 2017 Vienna, July 10th-14th 2017

CRC supported as a cooperation-partner and sponsor the ISSS 2017 in Vienna and took the chair fort he call of paper for the exploratory group: „Risks In Supply Chain Networks“ and is as a non-university research institution part of the International Programme Committee.

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IKT Conference on security 2017, Villach, Sept. 26th – 27th 2017

On this leading conference CRC took responsiblity to organise a full-day workhop covering the topic “ASGARD / Cyber Monitoring & Big Data – Session”.

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EMCSR 2014

On Dec 23rd, 2013, the CRC chaired by invitation of the conference-organiseres the call of paper in on the EMCSR 2014 (European Meetings on Cybernetics and System Research), Vienna, 22-25 April 2014, „Risks In Supply Chain Networks“ and is a part oft he  non-university research institutions of the International Programme Committee.

Symposium on raw-material logistic, Leoben, November 12th-13th 2015

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