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Risk- and Crisis Management

COMPETENCE CENTER: CCCNC| Competence Center:  IKT-CYBER Network Cluster

The Competence Center sees itself as a hub between business, politics and institutions on the one hand, and research and teaching on the other, with the aim of developing a comprehensive and holistic view in the ICT/CYBER space in relation to the supply chain security of companies as well as their content-related, structural and process-related interactions and interactions with the national, supranational and global supply chain networks (strategic [critical infrastructures] infrastructures).

In the context of globalization, digitization, and automation, the interest lies in a holistic view of the vulnerability of the supply chain and its networks (basic, utility, and public administration networks) to a variety of existing and future ICT/CYBER event patterns that may lead to disruptions and bottlenecks in regional, national, and supranational supply.

The Competence Center promotes the discussion and development of a comprehensive and holistic cyber security view, the development of CYBER product and service solutions -especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)-, together and in cooperation with the CRC-ICT/Cyber Network & Cooperation Cluster of ICT/CYBER product and service providers in the D-A-CH area and in the sense of the philosophy: “From Entrepreneur(s)-for Entrepreneur(s)”.

The aim of this competence center is therefore also to create fundamental concepts and innovations for increasing resilience and practical proposals for the further development of ICT/CYBER security in relation to supply chain security for companies.

In the area of tension between e.g. discovery, design and economization of the CYBER space as well as digitalization and automation, one is oriented towards a holistic view as well as the development of strategies for risk reduction and resilience design.

The tasks of the competence center are:

  • Positioning the competence center as a visible, accessible, reliable and credible source of information on ICT/CYBER security in the context of a comprehensive approach for strategic infrastructures and supply chain networks.
  • Methodology development for monitoring and analysis of strategic vulnerabilities as well as development of resilience strategies in focus areas to be determined.
  • Identification of (new) technologies and behavioral approaches as well as initiation and evaluation for innovative CYBER product and service development
  • Identify and disseminate best practice (scientifically and field tested) tools and solutions -with appropriate maturity- as well as research, publish and organize/participate in congresses, symposia, seminars as well as the “Science Cloud”.
  • Establishment of the cluster for ICT/CYBER products and services for companies, and in particular for SMEs in the D-A-CH area.
  • Foundation and development of the CRC cooperative CYBER First Aid organization as a new first responder and force provider for companies -especially for SME- and private households in the D-A-CH area.

Establishment of an ICT/CYBER education and training network for companies, and in particular for SMEs in the D-A-CH region, and private households.

Competence Center Responsibility:

Head of the Competence Center

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